Sweetest Victory

Our class team this year has become very important to me. We already had two games: basketball boys and basketball girls. Ever since this the first game was about to start, I became very serious about this matter. The boys lost in the game with 3-D and it really affected me. I still remember what Nicolle said after the game, “You guys lost in the game but in our hearts, you’re still the winners!” We, girls, said that we’ll just do our best to win during our game and that game will be for the boys.

November 19, 2010 was the day I have been waiting for. That day was our school’s Clean-Up Drive, in preparation for SLU’s Centennial celebration and that day was also allotted for our basketball game versus 3-D.

The night before that, I had a personal problem that almost broke my heart. I was so down that night then my parents even added up to my problems. My mom forgot to get the jerseys shorts and my dad scolded me again about our class team. Tears fell down my face that night. I was really hurt! I love my section too much and I’m serious about this stuff. I got discouraged and I lost hope and energy to play.

The next day, the day of our game, I still not okay. I felt the tears ready to burst out of my eyes but I prevented it to happen. I don’t want my mom to see me crying first thing in the morning.

When I reached school, I was still thinking of my problems. Last night, I decided to talk to one of my classmates because I know he can help me a lot and he might solve my problem. So today, I talked to him and there, my tears bursted out non-stop. I was really hurt but at least, I knew the truth.

While we were playing truth or dare inside the classroom with our adviser, Mica called us. She said it’s nearly our time to play. I really felt nervous!

I came in during the second quarter. Gosh! “This is it!”, I said to myself. I don’t know what to do but I’m really trying hard to position myself where I know I should be.

During the listing of the players, I really don’t want to join because I don’t know how to play but I did it! I was able to shoot! Man! I’m so proud of myself! After that great moment of my life, I heard my classmates shout my name. It really made me smile. Before and during the game, I wasn’t confident enough because we had a training twice but we, girls, weren’t able to train because we were incomplete and another thing is, I don’t know how to play basketball. I was really worried because it might turn out to be a fail but it didn’t!  I can’t get over it every time I think of it.

The final score was 6-10. We didn’t expect that we will win this game. Gosh! I’m really happy because we didn’t let the boys down.  We promised to train hard for our next game and it makes me really excited just to think about it. This was an awesome experience for me being a third year student of SLU-LHS. 🙂



Accepting our Defeat

This year’s Intramurals was made per batch so we have our own class teams instead of having a game of unit vs. unit during our Intramurals day. Until now, our Intramurals isn’t finished yet because we are still having our class teams, playing different sports like Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton with out competitors.

November 17, 2010, 3-A (our section) had a basketball game with 3-D. We asked Sir Tabor to be our coach for the game. Before the game even started, I promised myself that I’ll cheer for them until I lose my voice. During the game, 3-D was always the leading team. Our players and my other classmates were already starting to lose hope but I didn’t. I didn’t stop shouting and cheering for them so that they won’t lose hope. I even held Shaira’s empty bottle of Alo Green Tea to hit it on the bench to make some noise. Our players were so disappointed during the game but we still cheered them up. During the third quarter until the fourth, they were able to catch up a little but the the time wasn’t enough and the game was over. The final score was 48-23. I felt really sad for the boys because they really played hard and they were really determined to win yet we lost. I wasn’t disappointed by our loss but but I nearly cried when I saw their teary-eyed faces but I said to myself that I shouldn’t let them see that I was sad. I was one of the few who gave my full support to them, finished the game and left the school late. Even though we lost during this game, at least we accepted our defeat gracefully.

I was really affected by our loss because last November 16, I arranged our second training together with Nicolle, Jeffrey, Marion and Justin and I got scolded because of this. I was preparing the message I will send to our players and I got scolded because of some reasons. They didn’t allow me to join the training but I insisted because I need to come.

We promised that we, girls, will do our best to win for the boys during our game on November 19, 2010.