Overcoming Our Fears

After reading John C Maxwell’s blog about fear which can be found at johnmaxwellonleadership.com, I really learned and realized a lot. I learned that the greatest fear in the world is fear itself, that it’s important to admit our fears, and we should focus only on today. Each and everyone of us has our own fears and these fears hinder us from achieving our goals and dreams in life.  Before, I wondered why others are afraid of certain things while others are not. Now, I know the answer. It’s because we think that we might get hurt. We are the ones who control ourselves and our emotions. Our fears keep us from trying something new. Because we have the fear of certain things, we try to avoid everything that may lead us to it. When an opportunity comes, there are things and events in our lives that we avoid. In the end, when we fail and things didn’t turn out right, we end up regretting about it because of our fears.

For me, we fear because we think of the negative outcomes that might happen in the future and we believe that it will really happen. If we think positive and look at the brighter side of life, we won’t feel fear at all.  We can never overcome our fears if we keep on fearing about these things. We should believe in ourselves and be courageous so that we can overcome our fears. We should be brave and we should keep on looking forward. Never look back because what happened in the past is already part of our past. By following John Maxwell’s suggestions on his blog about fears, these fears our ours might fade away and we can become successful someday. We just have to believe in ourselves that we can overcome these fears. 🙂