L’Oreal X-tenso

I’ve been planning to rebond my hair last year. I was supposed to get my hair rebonded last December but my cousin referred me to a salon where she got her hair straightened. Straightened. Not rebonded. Her hair was super straight! 😀 So I tried it too. 🙂 Our hair structure is different so it didn’t work out too well for me. Hihi. XD

So since last last week I think, I’ve been inquiring from my friends about hair rebonding. One of my classmates rebonded her hair again last December too and the result was wonderful so I asked her where she got her hair rebonded. She said it was at Porta. That week, I also researched about hair rebonding on the internet. I have read many threads about Tony and Jacky’s salon which uses L’Oreal X-tenso but is it located in Manila. 😦 So the following week, I inquired in the salon at Porta. Wow! I was so happy when they said that they also use the L’Oreal X-tenso treatment. 😀 I saw that in my research and it was full of positive feedbacks! 🙂 I thought they only use that treatment in Manila. So we said we’ll go back after a week and we did – today. 😀

Not the complete process. Here it is. First, I had a haircut. Second, they washed my hair and blow dried it. After that, they applied L’Oreal X-tenso and wrapped it for minutes. Then they removed the wrap and left it like that. They rinsed my hair and blow dried it again. Afterwards, they ironed my hair at 180 degrees. Next was the cellophane. Then they blow dried it again. And finally, I had a haircut again. Finished! 🙂

I am so happy with the result! 😀 I didn’t regret it. It’s super straight and shiny. 🙂 Although there are some fly aways. My hair is even straighter than what it looks like in the photo. Just look at my hair before. -__- I hate it. Now I love it! 😀 We used L’Oreal X-tenso. 🙂 And then cellophane – black. I don’t want to use red because I’ve tried that before. I love it but I just don’t want to. XD We didn’t encounter any problems but we started really late! We came to the salon at 5:00 pm and we finished at 9:00! O_O I was so so so shy because we could have done it the next day. The mall was already closed and we were the only ones left! Of course the security guard was still there. 🙂 I’m really really happy! 😀 The price is also reasonable. 🙂 Let’s just see what will happen during the following days. Maybe I’ll be posting some pictures after I wash it and after six months and also after a year. 🙂 That’s all. 😀


A Fan’s Experience

I first watched him in the movie Flipped last month. I love those kinds of movies, about teenage first love stories. At first, I was focused on the movie, on the story, not him or any other character. I already knew Madeline Carroll because I’ve already watched her in some movies. “Bryce, hey, he’s cute! His voice is wonderful!” By the time the movie was about to end, I noticed how cute Bryce Loski is! When the cast rolled up in the credits.. Callan McAuliffe! I ran in front of the computer and searched for him in the internet. That’s what I actually do when I see a cool movie and I liked an actor or actress there. 😉 Bryce Loski was a great character and Callan’s really perfect for his role. Hearing his voice and seeing him made my heart flutter. I immediately became a fan, I fell in love but more likely had a total crush on him – with Bryce, and with Callan McAuliffe himself. I repeated the movie for two or three more times. I even videoed the whole movie in my cell phone, holding it in front of the DVD player for an hour and thirty minutes. I know, I’m kinda late because this movie was first showed in the big screen last year and I haven’t watched I am Number Four yet but I will soon.

So, I looked for him in the internet. Searched for pictures, articles, checked if he has a Twitter account, liked his Facebook page and everything! (More like stalking but since it’s a strong word, I’d call it intensive researching.) When I saw his Twitter account and how he replied to his fans, it gave me hope. Hope that I’ll get a reply from him too. 🙂 And it came true. He replied to Louisse’s tweet, where I was mentioned too. Sorry if the screenshot is kinda blurred. He didn’t reply to me directly but I consider myself very lucky for that. I can’t explain the feeling I had that time. It was the greatest feeling in the world, knowing that your idol, your huge idol, replied to a tweet where you were mentioned too! At present, I’m still learning and still finding out some things about him. Of course, as a fan, you’d want to know about the latest news about them. I do know that he loves Hunger Games and a lot more. 😉 Still doing an intensive research on his Twitter and Facebook account.

For a fan, every little thing matters. Especially when it comes to communicating with the stars, our idols. Seeing Callan’s tweets on Twitter, how he replies to his followers, his comment backs on Facebook, I think that’s the reasons why we love him even more. 🙂 That’s the best thing I like about him because we get to know him more. He reaches out to his fans every now and then, every day, replying to questions, tweets and comments. We are already really really lucky being his fans because not all actors and actresses have time to communicate with their fans.

Making this blog gives me hope. Out of his thousand fans, I know he can’t reply to each and everyone of us. I know this isn’t too much but I do wish I can do more.

So Mr. Callan Ryan Claude McAuliffe, continue doing what you do. Keep in touch with us. Keep replying. I wish the best for you and your career. We’ll be all waiting for your upcoming projects and movies! 🙂

Love, Leanne, a fifteen year old girl from the Philippines, your lover, your lifetime fan, your supporter, your intensive researcher, a member of your Ninja Penguins, TeamCallan member, your friend if you consider that too. 🙂

Thank you! 😀