Moving On To The Next Chapter

Three years of high school has already passed and a lot of beautiful memories have been made. Just a few months from now, I’ll already graduate from high school. I will sure miss high school. All the fun, the memories, the hallways, the teachers, the activities, the bonding with my former and soon-to-be former classmates, everything! College may be a lot different. It would be an important chapter of my life since my future depends on the course that I will choose.

I decided to take up Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (formerly known as Medtech) in SLU. After graduating from this course, I will take up Medicine. It is my dream to be a doctor. Being a pediatrician to be specific.

I am really excited for college. Before, I was a bit confused with what I want because the special persons to me will take up the same course. Others would think that I just wanted that course because they will take up the same but as time passed by, I realized that this is what I really want. We had a four-day career orientation and after that, we had our SLU-CEE (College Entrance Exam.) I know deep inside of me that this is what I want. I promise to study hard because my future depends on this. I really want to become successful someday, to become a successful pediatrician. I hope that after high school, life will become better for me and for everyone.