Oh my goodness! Two weeks to go! I’m nervous. I’m really nervous. I’m quite excited but I’m really nervous. First of all, I have no idea who my block mates are and I don’t know where my rooms are. Another thing is.. I’m going to join the orchestra at school. I don’t know if I can manage my time well because my classes are until 4:00 or 5:00 pm only but if I join the orchestra, I will have to go home at 7:00 in the evening everyday. The course I took is hard too. I’m going to be really stressed out!

I fixed my room yesterday. I threw lots of papers I have in my room. I’m a sentimental person. I find it hard to throw away stuffs my friends give me. I still have receipts, letters, gift, and the like in my room. I really treasure those things. I just threw away things I don’t use anymore. Like my notebooks.

There are some things I really want to have before school starts. I really want to remodel my room. I want to paint it so it would look brighter. White will do.  I also need a mirror in my room. A big one. A body mirror, maybe. I don’t understand why my dad placed the mirror on my brother’s room when in fact, girls need it more. Don’t you agree? Haha. A white board is a must have for me too. I can write reminders and change them everyday. 🙂 My lamp got broken too. My brother took it. I need a new one too. A prettier one. 😀 I’m not also satisfied with my study table. It’s dark brown. I wish I can have a new one. A need a  new light bulb in my room too. I really want my room to look bright so I can study well. My course isn’t easy and I want to focus. I miss my junior year in high school. I really excelled back then. My ranks for the four grading periods, in order, were third, second, first, then fourth. I really studied hard that time. 🙂 I became an honor student that school year and also in my senior year. So, now that I’m in college, I really want to prepare myself. After class, I have to stay until seven. I’m going to audition this June for the Strings Ensemble. Hopefully, I’ll get in because I have been training the whole summer for that. It’s my passion to play and I will really try my best to be a Dean’s List even though my schedule is kind of hectic. Wish me luck, guys! 🙂


Meet My Partner

Meet my partner, my violin. ♥

We first met on January 2, 2012, the day my dreams started to come true. We started to get to know each other on January 7, 2012. We agreed to bond with each other every Saturdays, 10:15 to 11:00 in the morning, at Music World. We also have this friend, teacher Jham, who helped us to grow. The first time we met, I know we’re going to be together forever.

I love music. Since I was a sophomore student, I really wanted to join the band but it never happened. It is my dream to play an instrument and now it came true. My dream is also to become a professional violinist but it won’t be that easy now that I’m a college student and I’m planning to take up Medicine after my four-year course. Anyway, I’m going to join our school’s String Ensemble! Yey!   This is already a dream come true because I just started months ago and now, I’m a part of an orchestra already. Thank you Lord. This is my passion. I will continue to live this dream. 🙂

Hello! :)

Hello there! 🙂 There have been many changes in my life since I last updated this blog.

Few weeks from now, I can now officially say that I am a college student. This is it! But I’m not yet ready. Most of my batch mates took up Medtech but I don’t know who my block mates are. My best friend, Gia, took Chemical Engineering instead of BMLS (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science), which is my course. I planned to take this course since I was third year high school. I know someone who might just be my block mate – my former friend. We enrolled during the same day and there is a strong possibility that we really are block mates. He was a close friend of mine but something happened that changed everything. Right now, it seems like we don’t know each other anymore. When school time comes, I would be a bit challenged to find new friends. And honestly speaking, I’m really nervous. It’s like we’ll be sent off to a group of strangers.

That’s my schedule. 🙂 I’m satisfied with it. I feel lucky having that sched but I’m going to join the orchestra. And we meet everyday. From four to seven o’ clock in the evening. I don’t know if I can make it but I will really try my best. I hope I can still meet my friends. 😦 My one group of best friends are all block mates. I and my friend’s boyfriend are the only ones who are separated. Oh well, good luck Leanne.