Moving On To The Next Chapter

Three years of high school has already passed and a lot of beautiful memories have been made. Just a few months from now, I’ll already graduate from high school. I will sure miss high school. All the fun, the memories, the hallways, the teachers, the activities, the bonding with my former and soon-to-be former classmates, everything! College may be a lot different. It would be an important chapter of my life since my future depends on the course that I will choose.

I decided to take up Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (formerly known as Medtech) in SLU. After graduating from this course, I will take up Medicine. It is my dream to be a doctor. Being a pediatrician to be specific.

I am really excited for college. Before, I was a bit confused with what I want because the special persons to me will take up the same course. Others would think that I just wanted that course because they will take up the same but as time passed by, I realized that this is what I really want. We had a four-day career orientation and after that, we had our SLU-CEE (College Entrance Exam.) I know deep inside of me that this is what I want. I promise to study hard because my future depends on this. I really want to become successful someday, to become a successful pediatrician. I hope that after high school, life will become better for me and for everyone.


A Heart For Two

It’s been a long time since I last posted a blog here. Well, it’s a Saturday and I have nothing to do so I checked this out again. My fourth year high school life is going well. I’m starting to love my class. There have been lots of changes too. Well, not much really. I’m still friends with my friends. I’m still in love with the PERSONS I love. No, just kidding. The truth is, I don’t understand my heart anymore. There are two guys I think I’m in love with. One is taken and one is not. One is my best friend and one is my close friend.

The person I liked and loved since the fifth grade is my best friend now. Just thinking of eveything I’ve been through with him makes me smile. For years, God brought me to this situation. I’m really thankful. He’s like my bestest friend at present.

Then here’s my former sixth grade classmate, my close friend whom I call ‘Kapatid’ (sibling.) He’s someone who’s important to me. The second person I fell in love with. I regret some of the memories I had with him. How we started was a perfect question and a wrong answer at a very wrong time. I never knew if that question was serious. I fell in and out of love with him a lot of times and at present, my heart’s feeling so idle.

My best friend’s taken but I still love him. On the other hand, as much as I want to deny this fact, it seems like my close friend is growing apart from me and from us little by little. Since my ‘big brother’, his cousin, started to withdraw from school because soon they’re leaving for Canada, I can’t spend much time with Kapatid anymore. Oh and by the way, they’re leaving too someday. I miss him. I do miss him a lot. We still talk sometimes but the time we spend with him lessens and lessens. I will miss him.

I can’t express how much I love or maybe like ‘M’ when I’m with my best friend. I think he feels jealous? I’m not sure but the situation seems like that. I really don’t know if I still love my close friend but I’m sure of one thing – I will kill me to lose him.

I will kill me to lose the both of them. They have become very close to my heart and I don’t want anyone to leave because for sure, I won’t. I will never ever leave. Once they’re in my heart, they’re there forever.

Anyway, what’s going on now is something I should feel thankful for. After crying and crying, here I am, smiling and loving my life again. Free of worries and I don’t feel hurt anymore. Is it because I don’t love Kapatid anymore? And because I’m spending more time with my best friend? I don’t feel so affected anymore. I’m happier this way.

Sweetest Victory

Our class team this year has become very important to me. We already had two games: basketball boys and basketball girls. Ever since this the first game was about to start, I became very serious about this matter. The boys lost in the game with 3-D and it really affected me. I still remember what Nicolle said after the game, “You guys lost in the game but in our hearts, you’re still the winners!” We, girls, said that we’ll just do our best to win during our game and that game will be for the boys.

November 19, 2010 was the day I have been waiting for. That day was our school’s Clean-Up Drive, in preparation for SLU’s Centennial celebration and that day was also allotted for our basketball game versus 3-D.

The night before that, I had a personal problem that almost broke my heart. I was so down that night then my parents even added up to my problems. My mom forgot to get the jerseys shorts and my dad scolded me again about our class team. Tears fell down my face that night. I was really hurt! I love my section too much and I’m serious about this stuff. I got discouraged and I lost hope and energy to play.

The next day, the day of our game, I still not okay. I felt the tears ready to burst out of my eyes but I prevented it to happen. I don’t want my mom to see me crying first thing in the morning.

When I reached school, I was still thinking of my problems. Last night, I decided to talk to one of my classmates because I know he can help me a lot and he might solve my problem. So today, I talked to him and there, my tears bursted out non-stop. I was really hurt but at least, I knew the truth.

While we were playing truth or dare inside the classroom with our adviser, Mica called us. She said it’s nearly our time to play. I really felt nervous!

I came in during the second quarter. Gosh! “This is it!”, I said to myself. I don’t know what to do but I’m really trying hard to position myself where I know I should be.

During the listing of the players, I really don’t want to join because I don’t know how to play but I did it! I was able to shoot! Man! I’m so proud of myself! After that great moment of my life, I heard my classmates shout my name. It really made me smile. Before and during the game, I wasn’t confident enough because we had a training twice but we, girls, weren’t able to train because we were incomplete and another thing is, I don’t know how to play basketball. I was really worried because it might turn out to be a fail but it didn’t!  I can’t get over it every time I think of it.

The final score was 6-10. We didn’t expect that we will win this game. Gosh! I’m really happy because we didn’t let the boys down.  We promised to train hard for our next game and it makes me really excited just to think about it. This was an awesome experience for me being a third year student of SLU-LHS. 🙂

Accepting our Defeat

This year’s Intramurals was made per batch so we have our own class teams instead of having a game of unit vs. unit during our Intramurals day. Until now, our Intramurals isn’t finished yet because we are still having our class teams, playing different sports like Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton with out competitors.

November 17, 2010, 3-A (our section) had a basketball game with 3-D. We asked Sir Tabor to be our coach for the game. Before the game even started, I promised myself that I’ll cheer for them until I lose my voice. During the game, 3-D was always the leading team. Our players and my other classmates were already starting to lose hope but I didn’t. I didn’t stop shouting and cheering for them so that they won’t lose hope. I even held Shaira’s empty bottle of Alo Green Tea to hit it on the bench to make some noise. Our players were so disappointed during the game but we still cheered them up. During the third quarter until the fourth, they were able to catch up a little but the the time wasn’t enough and the game was over. The final score was 48-23. I felt really sad for the boys because they really played hard and they were really determined to win yet we lost. I wasn’t disappointed by our loss but but I nearly cried when I saw their teary-eyed faces but I said to myself that I shouldn’t let them see that I was sad. I was one of the few who gave my full support to them, finished the game and left the school late. Even though we lost during this game, at least we accepted our defeat gracefully.

I was really affected by our loss because last November 16, I arranged our second training together with Nicolle, Jeffrey, Marion and Justin and I got scolded because of this. I was preparing the message I will send to our players and I got scolded because of some reasons. They didn’t allow me to join the training but I insisted because I need to come.

We promised that we, girls, will do our best to win for the boys during our game on November 19, 2010.

SLU-LHS, My Home, My School

My school, Saint Louis University-Laboratory High School (SLU-LHS), also my second home,  is formerly an exclusive school for the boys when it was first established.  It became a co-ed school in the early 2000’s in order to increase the dwindling enrolment of the school by accepting girls into its fold.

When I graduated in elementary, particularly at Saint Louis University-Laboratory Elementary School, I felt that I was not yet ready and prepared to face the next chapter of my life, my high school life. I felt scared that maybe life would be very different when I reach high school.

My first day at SLU-LHS was full of mixed emotions.  On one hand,  I was nervous because I’ll be going into a new school everyday and  I haven’t seen my best friends for a quite some time. I was worried, too, that maybe they have already put me into oblivion since we weren’t in touch during the summer vacation then.  On the other hand, I was excited to meet new faces in our school. I was very excited to know my section and who would be my classmates.

Three years have passed since my freshman year, and I  am now a junior student of this school. Whew, how time flew so quickly!  I have experienced a lot in my three years here in high school. Another year to hurdle high school life and presto! I would be stepping another chapter of my life.

What I like about our school is the varied activities that we celebrate that promote the four core values of our school such as:

  • Celebration of  the first Friday mass every first Friday of the month.
  • Annual  recollections  that helps us contemplate on our lives and in the process helped in improving ourselves.
  • Celebration of Buwan ng Wika in  August where a day is devoted to wearing of  the Filipiniana attire and during our Filipino class, we hold a small salo-salo or what we call ‘kapistahan’ inside our classroom.
  • Celebration of the Math and Science Month in September where we have different quiz bees.  The part that I like the most is the jingle competition. In my freshman year, I joined in a group that eventually won. In my third year, unfortunately our group did not win.   Though we didn’t win, at least we did our best.   Another thing is, for us, nothing was lost or wasted because we enjoyed our practices and for us, we will always be champions.
  • Celebration of the Mission month in the month of October, LHS being a Catholic school. During the month of October, we pray one mystery of the rosary everyday.
  • Another event that is being celebrated by our school is the Intramurals. I think that this is the most awaited and the biggest event in our school because it lasts for more than two weeks. It promotes the four core values of our school which is creativity, competence, socially involvement and Christian spirit. During the past years, we followed the unitized system where the different year levels are grouped together to form a team. This year, we made our cheering competition per batch. I think that the unitized system is fun because we can see the unity of the different year levels but I like the ‘per batch system‘ more because we can really see the teamwork of each team and we also have our own class teams.
  • Come December, there are lots of activities in our school. We have different programs in our school like Sayawit.  It’s much like a cheering competition. We also wear costumes and props, the only difference is that we sing Christmas songs. We started this event last year and it was a success so we’ll be doing this again for the next years to come. What I’m waiting for every year is our Christmas vacation because this is the happiest time of my life the whole year.
  • A new event that was launched by our school is the Talent Festival. This event gives us a chance to showcase our talents.
  • In February, we celebrate  Family Day. These past years, this occasion has been very memorable. In the morning, we have a short mass and then, we’re free to roam around the campus.   There are different booths organized by our clubs. In the afternoon, we watch a show or a play in the covered court. This event is really fun because we get to do whatever we want and there are fun booths around the campus.

These are what makes my high school life wonderful, the different fun activities and events held in our school. These help us nurture our talents and helps us to grow and become better individuals. Through these activities, we can put into action the four core values of creativity, competence, socially involvement and Christian spirit.

I soon realized that high school isn’t something to be worried about. It is something to be remembered, to be loved and to be treasured because everyday of our life is important. It is filled with wonderful surprises. High school isn’t just about academics: calculations, memorizations, examinations and all. Problems and challenges are given to us to make us learn and make us better and stronger persons and that is what high school taught me. High school taught me how to love. It taught me how to love my life, my family, my friends and everything more. During my three years in high school, I experienced sadness and I often encounter tough problems but I also experienced great happiness. All these, I have experienced in SLU-LHS, my home, my school. 🙂

High School is Happiness

When I was in grade five or six, I thought my whole life would be different when I reach high school. I thought everyone will change. I was worried about everything. I was worried about the changes that would happen. I thought that all the fun, naughtiness, and bonding of the class won’t be the same as before but I was totally wrong. When you’re in high school, everything is more fun, there is more naughtiness and the class have a stronger bonding. There are more fun activities and more socializing. When you’re in high school, it’s like you have all the freedom, you have your own worlds. I can say that so far, high school is the happiest time of my life. Ate Beth, my cousin, said that I should enjoy high school because I’m going to miss the fun and stuff when I reach college. Even though school is stressful, I always sleep late at night, the lessons are boring and hard at times, the activities and challenges are hard, high school is still fun. I really enjoy going to school. I enjoy learning new stuffs. I hope that this will be a wonderful school year for all of us.

I had a wonderful and unforgettable school year during second year. Ma’am Flores was our adviser. What I like about her is she’s strict but hilarious and she changes our seat plan every two weeks. That made our class’ bonding stronger. Every two weeks, I‘ll have new seatmates. I became close to them and that’s how Gia, Charlyn, Karla, Nicolle, Cheyenne, and Raniel became great friends of mine. Gia Monique was my first friend that school year. Until now, she’s my close friend. Although I don’t join her during my free time, I still keep in touch with her so that we won’t lose connection with each other. Charlyn, Nicolle and Raniel are my classmates at present and they’re still my best friends. Karla is not our classmate but she still joins us every lunch and recess. Cheyenne found new friends but we still keep in touch with each other. I’m so happy that I met them. I just hope that nothing will destroy our friendship as time pass by because many things have already changed.

I believe that during high school, having a crush is common for everyone. Last year, I also met someone who became close to my heart. When we change our seat plan, he was often seated near me and he became my seatmate during the last seat plan because they requested that the love teams in the class be seatmates. They say that he is kinda boastful but for me, he is really kind. He is sometimes cheesy but his jokes make me laugh. He said to me once, “Leanne, anong gusto mong gift?” “Kahit ano. Chocolate!” “You want a chocolate? You want a chocolate heart? You want my heart?” When he said these lines to me, he wasn’t my crush yet but when I fell in love with him, I never forgot these lines ever since. What I just hate is my friends told him that I like him. I had no plans of telling him how I feel because I’ve had experiences before that I don’t want to happen again. Everything changed when he knew that I liked him. He became boastful towards me. But now, everything is okay; however, we don’t talk with each other. For now, he’ll remain as my friend but he won’t be my priority because I prioritize my studies more than love.

At present, second year is the best school year for me because many unforgettable events happened that school year but I’m beginning to love my current class, 3-Mapagmalasakit. A recent event in our school, the Math and Science Jingle Competition, made us closer to each other. Although we didn’t win, we accepted our defeat gracefully because I know we did our very best in this competition. The next event in our school is the intramurals that will be held on October. We promised ourselves that we will make up to our defeat this time.

I’m still young yet I learned so much about life through my experiences as a teenager. I became to know myself more, I  learned to take care of my friends more, I learned to control my emotions, and most of all, I learned how to love and cherish life. Nothing is permanent in life except change. Change has always been a part of our lives. I hope that the changes that will come soon will bring about good changes in my life. So far, high school is the best part of my life.