A Hike to Remember

April 1, 2010, the SLU employees and their families were invited by the SLU Parish Office to join the Stations of the Cross Hiking at Mt. Santo Tomas in line with the Holy Week celebration. Father John Kanyinda, together with the Parish Office, led the activity. On the way up, we rode on jeepneys. Actually, this is our second time to join  this hiking. We also joined last year. I was also with my mom and sibling. Our cousin joined before but she wasn’t able to come this year. We recited the rosary while walking to the next station.

Here is where we were first stationed. I took a picture of the water reservoir located at the top of the mountain before I joined the crowd. It was summer during this time that’s why the reservoir is dry. There is even an elementary school located near this reservoir.

Here are the following stations:

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First station: The Last Supper


Second station: Agony in the Garden


Third station: Jesus is condemned to death


Fourth station: Jesus Before the Sanhedrin


Fifth station: Jesus carries his Cross


Sixth station: Jesus falls


Seventh station: Simon helps carry the Cross


Eight station: Jesus meets his mother


Ninth station: Jesus is nailed to the Cross


Tenth station: Jesus with the two sinners


Eleventh station: Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ apostle


Twelfth station: Jesus dies


Thirteenth station: Jesus is taken down from the Cross

Fourteenth station: Jesus rises


We walked up to the last station of the Cross. Upon reaching the last station, we came closer to the radar. There, we ate our snacks and rested for a while. After that, we walked our way down the mountain. Father John Kanyinda still led the prayer.

On the way down, I took pictures of the crowd. I saw Ria, our schoolmate and my former classmate while we were walking down. She was in their car. I felt kind of jealous because she wasn’t walking; but afterwards, I thought, it’s more fun to walk than to ride a vehicle. Halfway down, my brother rode a jeepney because he was already tired. The road was very rocky and my feet were already aching because of this. When we were near the jeepney stations, the roads were already cemented. It was a great relief because at least, my feet won’t be aching too much anymore. We were so tired because that time, it was so hot. We need to endure the heat and the pain of walking our way down.

When we reached the jeepney stations, they gave us sandwiches. We really need to eat after hiking the mountain. There, we found my brother waiting for us. I felt so tired but I was so happy that everything was finished. We started at 8 am and finished at 12 pm. When you’re on top of the mountain, you can see everything. The sight was so wonderful. The event was really tiring but it was worth it. At least, I had gone to a place where not everyone has gone yet.

Source: http://spiritrestoration.org/Church/Holidays/Stations_of_the_Cross_Via_Dolorossa.htm