SLU-LHS, My Home, My School

My school, Saint Louis University-Laboratory High School (SLU-LHS), also my second home,  is formerly an exclusive school for the boys when it was first established.  It became a co-ed school in the early 2000’s in order to increase the dwindling enrolment of the school by accepting girls into its fold.

When I graduated in elementary, particularly at Saint Louis University-Laboratory Elementary School, I felt that I was not yet ready and prepared to face the next chapter of my life, my high school life. I felt scared that maybe life would be very different when I reach high school.

My first day at SLU-LHS was full of mixed emotions.  On one hand,  I was nervous because I’ll be going into a new school everyday and  I haven’t seen my best friends for a quite some time. I was worried, too, that maybe they have already put me into oblivion since we weren’t in touch during the summer vacation then.  On the other hand, I was excited to meet new faces in our school. I was very excited to know my section and who would be my classmates.

Three years have passed since my freshman year, and I  am now a junior student of this school. Whew, how time flew so quickly!  I have experienced a lot in my three years here in high school. Another year to hurdle high school life and presto! I would be stepping another chapter of my life.

What I like about our school is the varied activities that we celebrate that promote the four core values of our school such as:

  • Celebration of  the first Friday mass every first Friday of the month.
  • Annual  recollections  that helps us contemplate on our lives and in the process helped in improving ourselves.
  • Celebration of Buwan ng Wika in  August where a day is devoted to wearing of  the Filipiniana attire and during our Filipino class, we hold a small salo-salo or what we call ‘kapistahan’ inside our classroom.
  • Celebration of the Math and Science Month in September where we have different quiz bees.  The part that I like the most is the jingle competition. In my freshman year, I joined in a group that eventually won. In my third year, unfortunately our group did not win.   Though we didn’t win, at least we did our best.   Another thing is, for us, nothing was lost or wasted because we enjoyed our practices and for us, we will always be champions.
  • Celebration of the Mission month in the month of October, LHS being a Catholic school. During the month of October, we pray one mystery of the rosary everyday.
  • Another event that is being celebrated by our school is the Intramurals. I think that this is the most awaited and the biggest event in our school because it lasts for more than two weeks. It promotes the four core values of our school which is creativity, competence, socially involvement and Christian spirit. During the past years, we followed the unitized system where the different year levels are grouped together to form a team. This year, we made our cheering competition per batch. I think that the unitized system is fun because we can see the unity of the different year levels but I like the ‘per batch system‘ more because we can really see the teamwork of each team and we also have our own class teams.
  • Come December, there are lots of activities in our school. We have different programs in our school like Sayawit.  It’s much like a cheering competition. We also wear costumes and props, the only difference is that we sing Christmas songs. We started this event last year and it was a success so we’ll be doing this again for the next years to come. What I’m waiting for every year is our Christmas vacation because this is the happiest time of my life the whole year.
  • A new event that was launched by our school is the Talent Festival. This event gives us a chance to showcase our talents.
  • In February, we celebrate  Family Day. These past years, this occasion has been very memorable. In the morning, we have a short mass and then, we’re free to roam around the campus.   There are different booths organized by our clubs. In the afternoon, we watch a show or a play in the covered court. This event is really fun because we get to do whatever we want and there are fun booths around the campus.

These are what makes my high school life wonderful, the different fun activities and events held in our school. These help us nurture our talents and helps us to grow and become better individuals. Through these activities, we can put into action the four core values of creativity, competence, socially involvement and Christian spirit.

I soon realized that high school isn’t something to be worried about. It is something to be remembered, to be loved and to be treasured because everyday of our life is important. It is filled with wonderful surprises. High school isn’t just about academics: calculations, memorizations, examinations and all. Problems and challenges are given to us to make us learn and make us better and stronger persons and that is what high school taught me. High school taught me how to love. It taught me how to love my life, my family, my friends and everything more. During my three years in high school, I experienced sadness and I often encounter tough problems but I also experienced great happiness. All these, I have experienced in SLU-LHS, my home, my school. 🙂


Losing Something Is Like Losing Everything

Have you ever lost something that means the world to you? When I shared this problem to one of my friends, she said, “It’s better to lose something than to lose everything.” I believe in this but at times, losing something is just like losing everything.

August 27, 2010 was the day I lost my memory card. After school, my classmate and I went to their house. She opened her laptop and I removed my memory card from my phone. I stood up to try her high heels. I sat down again and my memory card was already gone.

That little thing is so important to me and until now, I still can’t accept the fact that it’s gone. I’m the kind of person who values even the smallest things in the world. Maybe if I’m not like this, I won’t be thinking too much about this and maybe I won’t be writing a blog about this. There are so many precious pictures placed there: my pictures; the pictures of our family, our trip to the province; the pictures of my best friends; and most especially, the pictures of the two people who became close to my heart and the pictures of my second year life.

My second year life is very memorable to me. There were to many happy memories that I won’t ever forget. During this school year, I met new and true friends. I met new classmates. I learned a lot during this school year. There were so many happy events that made our class closer to each other. Even though these pictures are saved in our computer and in my Facebook account, I like to look at them more in my phone. ‘Cause at least, I can look at the pictures before I go to sleep especially when I feel sad and miss them a lot.

I really can’t accept that it’s gone because for me, everything is gone. The only way I can remember the special moments I had with my loved ones is through the pictures I take. I really value every photo because every photo means a lot to me. Every smile, every face, every place, every pose and even the stolen pictures became a part of those sweet and happy memories in my life.

Just like this photo I got from Tumblr: I love photos, because the best thing about it is that it never changes even when the person in it does. Maybe it would feel wonderful when I grow up and someday, I’ll see the old pictures, see how much I’ve grown and how much everything has changed.

Just remembering the times I do nothing but listen to my favorite sad love songs and stare at the pictures makes me really really sad. I wish I can go back to the past and change everything. I wish I can see what’s coming in the future so I can prevent happenings like this because it’s really ruining my life now. Worst thing is, I don’t know how that memory card disappeared.

I know, my blog could have been better if it was about love but I really want to blog about my memory card.

A single happening can change everything. Just like the time I lost my memory card, I felt like I lost everything.

A Hike to Remember

April 1, 2010, the SLU employees and their families were invited by the SLU Parish Office to join the Stations of the Cross Hiking at Mt. Santo Tomas in line with the Holy Week celebration. Father John Kanyinda, together with the Parish Office, led the activity. On the way up, we rode on jeepneys. Actually, this is our second time to join  this hiking. We also joined last year. I was also with my mom and sibling. Our cousin joined before but she wasn’t able to come this year. We recited the rosary while walking to the next station.

Here is where we were first stationed. I took a picture of the water reservoir located at the top of the mountain before I joined the crowd. It was summer during this time that’s why the reservoir is dry. There is even an elementary school located near this reservoir.

Here are the following stations:

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First station: The Last Supper


Second station: Agony in the Garden


Third station: Jesus is condemned to death


Fourth station: Jesus Before the Sanhedrin


Fifth station: Jesus carries his Cross


Sixth station: Jesus falls


Seventh station: Simon helps carry the Cross


Eight station: Jesus meets his mother


Ninth station: Jesus is nailed to the Cross


Tenth station: Jesus with the two sinners


Eleventh station: Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ apostle


Twelfth station: Jesus dies


Thirteenth station: Jesus is taken down from the Cross

Fourteenth station: Jesus rises


We walked up to the last station of the Cross. Upon reaching the last station, we came closer to the radar. There, we ate our snacks and rested for a while. After that, we walked our way down the mountain. Father John Kanyinda still led the prayer.

On the way down, I took pictures of the crowd. I saw Ria, our schoolmate and my former classmate while we were walking down. She was in their car. I felt kind of jealous because she wasn’t walking; but afterwards, I thought, it’s more fun to walk than to ride a vehicle. Halfway down, my brother rode a jeepney because he was already tired. The road was very rocky and my feet were already aching because of this. When we were near the jeepney stations, the roads were already cemented. It was a great relief because at least, my feet won’t be aching too much anymore. We were so tired because that time, it was so hot. We need to endure the heat and the pain of walking our way down.

When we reached the jeepney stations, they gave us sandwiches. We really need to eat after hiking the mountain. There, we found my brother waiting for us. I felt so tired but I was so happy that everything was finished. We started at 8 am and finished at 12 pm. When you’re on top of the mountain, you can see everything. The sight was so wonderful. The event was really tiring but it was worth it. At least, I had gone to a place where not everyone has gone yet.


High School is Happiness

When I was in grade five or six, I thought my whole life would be different when I reach high school. I thought everyone will change. I was worried about everything. I was worried about the changes that would happen. I thought that all the fun, naughtiness, and bonding of the class won’t be the same as before but I was totally wrong. When you’re in high school, everything is more fun, there is more naughtiness and the class have a stronger bonding. There are more fun activities and more socializing. When you’re in high school, it’s like you have all the freedom, you have your own worlds. I can say that so far, high school is the happiest time of my life. Ate Beth, my cousin, said that I should enjoy high school because I’m going to miss the fun and stuff when I reach college. Even though school is stressful, I always sleep late at night, the lessons are boring and hard at times, the activities and challenges are hard, high school is still fun. I really enjoy going to school. I enjoy learning new stuffs. I hope that this will be a wonderful school year for all of us.

I had a wonderful and unforgettable school year during second year. Ma’am Flores was our adviser. What I like about her is she’s strict but hilarious and she changes our seat plan every two weeks. That made our class’ bonding stronger. Every two weeks, I‘ll have new seatmates. I became close to them and that’s how Gia, Charlyn, Karla, Nicolle, Cheyenne, and Raniel became great friends of mine. Gia Monique was my first friend that school year. Until now, she’s my close friend. Although I don’t join her during my free time, I still keep in touch with her so that we won’t lose connection with each other. Charlyn, Nicolle and Raniel are my classmates at present and they’re still my best friends. Karla is not our classmate but she still joins us every lunch and recess. Cheyenne found new friends but we still keep in touch with each other. I’m so happy that I met them. I just hope that nothing will destroy our friendship as time pass by because many things have already changed.

I believe that during high school, having a crush is common for everyone. Last year, I also met someone who became close to my heart. When we change our seat plan, he was often seated near me and he became my seatmate during the last seat plan because they requested that the love teams in the class be seatmates. They say that he is kinda boastful but for me, he is really kind. He is sometimes cheesy but his jokes make me laugh. He said to me once, “Leanne, anong gusto mong gift?” “Kahit ano. Chocolate!” “You want a chocolate? You want a chocolate heart? You want my heart?” When he said these lines to me, he wasn’t my crush yet but when I fell in love with him, I never forgot these lines ever since. What I just hate is my friends told him that I like him. I had no plans of telling him how I feel because I’ve had experiences before that I don’t want to happen again. Everything changed when he knew that I liked him. He became boastful towards me. But now, everything is okay; however, we don’t talk with each other. For now, he’ll remain as my friend but he won’t be my priority because I prioritize my studies more than love.

At present, second year is the best school year for me because many unforgettable events happened that school year but I’m beginning to love my current class, 3-Mapagmalasakit. A recent event in our school, the Math and Science Jingle Competition, made us closer to each other. Although we didn’t win, we accepted our defeat gracefully because I know we did our very best in this competition. The next event in our school is the intramurals that will be held on October. We promised ourselves that we will make up to our defeat this time.

I’m still young yet I learned so much about life through my experiences as a teenager. I became to know myself more, I  learned to take care of my friends more, I learned to control my emotions, and most of all, I learned how to love and cherish life. Nothing is permanent in life except change. Change has always been a part of our lives. I hope that the changes that will come soon will bring about good changes in my life. So far, high school is the best part of my life.

A Girl Living An Extraordinary Life

Hi! Welcome to my page. I’m Leanne. 14 years old, turning a year older on November 30. I’m a junior student of SLU-LHS. I’m the eldest in our family. I have a brother in the first year and a sister in the first grade.  I live with my family, cousins, uncle, and grandparents. I’m a jolly person. I smile and laugh often. I’m also a sentimental person. They say that the people who laugh often usually have the biggest problems in life. Well, I guess I’m one of them. I love simplicity, the simple things, and the simple way of life.

I am a top ten since elementary. I graduated at Saint Louis University-Laboratory Elementary School. At present, I study at Saint Louis University-Laboratory High School. Dung the first year, I was in the Science section but I was not able to make it during second year because of Algebra.

During the first grading this year, I’m the third in our class and I was able to make it in the honors. I’m really doing my best this time because last year, I let my parents down. I need to make it up to them and I’m glad that my grades improved. I’m hoping that I can maintain my grades until this school year is finished. One more year to go and I’ll graduate high school. I’m still choosing what course I will take. I’m still deciding whether I’ll take Nursing or Medicine.

I love to play Badminton and I consider this as my favorite sport. I joined the Badminton Club during the first year but I stopped playing because I don’t attend other trainings. Now that our intramurals is per batch, we have a class team and I decided to play badminton. They also asked me to play basketball. I joined anyway even though I don’t know how to play.

I would also like to play an instrument.  My best friends are members of the Junior Band but this is not the main reason why I’d like to join. I want to join because of my willingness to learn. Since I was in second year, I’d like to join the Junior Band. I was losing hope that time because I thought maybe it was too late so I just forgot about it and another thing is, my mother noticed that I always change my mind when making important decisions. Maybe because at times, I feel like I won’t be welcomed if I join. I promised myself that I won’t change my mind this time because this it what I want to do. This second grading, two of my classmates joined the Junior Band. I really regret that last year, we didn’t make any actions about this. Our only problem is that we don’t know where we can but a cheaper but authentic instrument. I shouldn’t give up if I really want to learn. Until now, I’m still hoping that we can find a flute as soon as possible. Soon, I’ll blog about this topic more.

Here’s another thing about me. I’m addicted to chocolates! I don’t remember when this started but all I know is that I love it very much. Every time my mom’s friends give her chocolates, she gives it to me because she knows that I really love it. When we receive imported chocolates, I even take pictures of it. I also collect the wrappers and cases. I know these can make me fat but I eat moderately because I don’t want to be fat just because of chocolates.

The words special, memories, moments, life and everything really matter to me.  I love to capture the small but so special moments with my loved ones. I think that everyday is special. I cherish and love every moment of my life. I don’t forget the memories easily and I believe that I can save these special moments through the pictures I take. It’s like I own our camera because I’m the one who is using it often. I always bring it with me even if there are only small occasions or events at school like our Talent Fest and Jingle Competition. So if you’ll take a look at my Facebook account, you’ll see lots of pictures of my friends, my classmates and the school.

I love God, my family, my friends, and my life. Life is full of surprises. No one knows what the future holds for us. We should expect the unexpected. Change for the better. Love more. Laugh often. Live life to the fullest. And cherish every moment of everyday.

That’s all.  Thanks a bunch! 🙂