Moving On To The Next Chapter

Three years of high school has already passed and a lot of beautiful memories have been made. Just a few months from now, I’ll already graduate from high school. I will sure miss high school. All the fun, the memories, the hallways, the teachers, the activities, the bonding with my former and soon-to-be former classmates, everything! College may be a lot different. It would be an important chapter of my life since my future depends on the course that I will choose.

I decided to take up Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (formerly known as Medtech) in SLU. After graduating from this course, I will take up Medicine. It is my dream to be a doctor. Being a pediatrician to be specific.

I am really excited for college. Before, I was a bit confused with what I want because the special persons to me will take up the same course. Others would think that I just wanted that course because they will take up the same but as time passed by, I realized that this is what I really want. We had a four-day career orientation and after that, we had our SLU-CEE (College Entrance Exam.) I know deep inside of me that this is what I want. I promise to study hard because my future depends on this. I really want to become successful someday, to become a successful pediatrician. I hope that after high school, life will become better for me and for everyone.


SLU Centennial: Then and Now

In 1907, the CICM Missionaries – also known as Belgian Fathers – arrived in the Philippines, mandated by the Holy See to assist in the evangelization of the northern part of the country.  Baguio, then a small mountain village resort in the Province of Benguet and gateway to and from the Gran Cordillera mountain range traversing the Mountain Province (now Cordillera Region), was the perfect choice for a learning institution by the CICM pioneers.

1911. Rev. Fr. Serafino Devesse, CICM, made a dream come true when he founded the St. Louis Mission School, a one-room wooden shack with 10 pupils.


1915. St. Louis Mission School soon became a trade school under Fr. Florimund Carlu and, with the collaborative effort of the Canonesses of St. Augustine, became a full-complement primary school with the start of the intermediate grades.


1921. The school was named St. Louis School after Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, patron saint of the University.  St. Louis School was expanded to the high school level with a separate campus on Cathedral Hill for high school boys, and another at Campo Filipino for the elementary and high school girls.

1952. The combined efforts of Bishop William Brasseur, CICM, and Rev. Fr. Rafael Desmedt, CICM, founded the St. Louis College, then consisting of three departments:  Education; Liberal Arts; and Commerce and Secretarial.  The school had 75 students.

1954. The Colleges of Engineering and Law were started.

1963. St. Louis University became the first private university in Northern Philippines. On this occasion, Bishop William Brasseur spoke: “It is our greatest wish that Saint Louis University may be the Light of the North and that it may diffuse the Christian culture over the whole country.”

1967. The College of Liberal Arts expanded into the College of Human Sciences and the College of Natural Sciences.

1976. The College of Medicine and the College of Nursing were started.

1982. Saint Louis University, after undergoing a rigid period of evaluation, was finally affiliated with the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU), becoming the very first tertiary school outside Metro Manila to gain PAASCU accreditation.

1990. The Institute for Information and Computer Science (IICS) was started, and later became the College of Information and Computing Sciences in 1994.

The Institute of Philosophy and Religion was established.

Start of the co-educational set-up at the Laboratory High School.

2007. SLU was conferred anew by the CHED the Full Autonomy Status for a five-year period, i.e., 2007-2012.

The College of Information and Computing Sciences (CICS) is identified as a Center of Development in Information Technology for three years, 2007-2010.

2008. The College of Education was identified as a Center of Excellence in Teacher Education for three year, 2008-2011.

2010. Effective School Year 2010-2011, all Colleges have been renamed Schools.

This is a brief history of SLU taken from the SLU Faculty Handbook.


One of the new projects of the school is the MaryHeights campus, which consist of the Devesse building located at Bakakeng, houses the School of Accountancy and Business Management. I really want to go here because I heard that the school is really wonderful.

SLU has been giving the best education for students for almost a hundred years now. This year, we will celebrate the SLU Centennial. I feel so lucky because I am a part of this big celebration, knowing that the next time that they will be holding an event like this, I don’t exist anymore because this happens only once every one-hundred years. I feel very excited about this event because I have been a Louisian since elementary and I saw  how it grew and improved a lot.

Starting this December 2010, there will be lots of varied activities for the SLU Centennial celebration. The whole celebration will last for a year. I feel very excited because there will be lots of surprises stored for all of us, Louisians. I hope SLU will continue its mission to educate young people like me and give us the best education.

Sources: SLU Faculty Handbook, CICM Archive (Manila)

SLU-LHS, My Home, My School

My school, Saint Louis University-Laboratory High School (SLU-LHS), also my second home,  is formerly an exclusive school for the boys when it was first established.  It became a co-ed school in the early 2000’s in order to increase the dwindling enrolment of the school by accepting girls into its fold.

When I graduated in elementary, particularly at Saint Louis University-Laboratory Elementary School, I felt that I was not yet ready and prepared to face the next chapter of my life, my high school life. I felt scared that maybe life would be very different when I reach high school.

My first day at SLU-LHS was full of mixed emotions.  On one hand,  I was nervous because I’ll be going into a new school everyday and  I haven’t seen my best friends for a quite some time. I was worried, too, that maybe they have already put me into oblivion since we weren’t in touch during the summer vacation then.  On the other hand, I was excited to meet new faces in our school. I was very excited to know my section and who would be my classmates.

Three years have passed since my freshman year, and I  am now a junior student of this school. Whew, how time flew so quickly!  I have experienced a lot in my three years here in high school. Another year to hurdle high school life and presto! I would be stepping another chapter of my life.

What I like about our school is the varied activities that we celebrate that promote the four core values of our school such as:

  • Celebration of  the first Friday mass every first Friday of the month.
  • Annual  recollections  that helps us contemplate on our lives and in the process helped in improving ourselves.
  • Celebration of Buwan ng Wika in  August where a day is devoted to wearing of  the Filipiniana attire and during our Filipino class, we hold a small salo-salo or what we call ‘kapistahan’ inside our classroom.
  • Celebration of the Math and Science Month in September where we have different quiz bees.  The part that I like the most is the jingle competition. In my freshman year, I joined in a group that eventually won. In my third year, unfortunately our group did not win.   Though we didn’t win, at least we did our best.   Another thing is, for us, nothing was lost or wasted because we enjoyed our practices and for us, we will always be champions.
  • Celebration of the Mission month in the month of October, LHS being a Catholic school. During the month of October, we pray one mystery of the rosary everyday.
  • Another event that is being celebrated by our school is the Intramurals. I think that this is the most awaited and the biggest event in our school because it lasts for more than two weeks. It promotes the four core values of our school which is creativity, competence, socially involvement and Christian spirit. During the past years, we followed the unitized system where the different year levels are grouped together to form a team. This year, we made our cheering competition per batch. I think that the unitized system is fun because we can see the unity of the different year levels but I like the ‘per batch system‘ more because we can really see the teamwork of each team and we also have our own class teams.
  • Come December, there are lots of activities in our school. We have different programs in our school like Sayawit.  It’s much like a cheering competition. We also wear costumes and props, the only difference is that we sing Christmas songs. We started this event last year and it was a success so we’ll be doing this again for the next years to come. What I’m waiting for every year is our Christmas vacation because this is the happiest time of my life the whole year.
  • A new event that was launched by our school is the Talent Festival. This event gives us a chance to showcase our talents.
  • In February, we celebrate  Family Day. These past years, this occasion has been very memorable. In the morning, we have a short mass and then, we’re free to roam around the campus.   There are different booths organized by our clubs. In the afternoon, we watch a show or a play in the covered court. This event is really fun because we get to do whatever we want and there are fun booths around the campus.

These are what makes my high school life wonderful, the different fun activities and events held in our school. These help us nurture our talents and helps us to grow and become better individuals. Through these activities, we can put into action the four core values of creativity, competence, socially involvement and Christian spirit.

I soon realized that high school isn’t something to be worried about. It is something to be remembered, to be loved and to be treasured because everyday of our life is important. It is filled with wonderful surprises. High school isn’t just about academics: calculations, memorizations, examinations and all. Problems and challenges are given to us to make us learn and make us better and stronger persons and that is what high school taught me. High school taught me how to love. It taught me how to love my life, my family, my friends and everything more. During my three years in high school, I experienced sadness and I often encounter tough problems but I also experienced great happiness. All these, I have experienced in SLU-LHS, my home, my school. 🙂

My Gift to SLU on its Centennial

In 1911, Rev. Fr. Séraphin Devesse, CICM, founded a one-room elementary school in Baguio for ten local boys. From the one-room Saint Louis School for ten boys in 1911, Saint Louis University (SLU) has grown to a four campus university with more than thirty buildings catering to more than thirty thousand students. On 2011, which is next year, we will be celebrating the SLU Centennial as a family. We will celebrate SLU’s 100th year in service. Through the years, SLU has been a great school, providing quality education for students.

As a third year student of Saint Louis University-Laboratory High School (SLU-LHS), I think that the best gift I can give to SLU on its Centennial is being a good, proud and humble Louisian. I can show that I am a good Louisian by following our Vision Mission:

“We envision Saint Louis University as an excellent missionary and transformative educational institution zealous in developing human resources imbued with the Christian Spirit and who are creative, competent and socially involved.”

Our institution has the four core values which are competence, creativity, social involvement and Christian spirit which is also stated in our school’s Vision Mission. I, being a Louisian, should take part in our school’s mission to transform students like me to become better individuals. I should apply these values because transformation could only take place when our institution is able to form the faculty, staff and students into professionals who are competent, creative, socially involved and who are imbued with the Christian spirit. I can give my part to the school by studying hard to show that us, Louisians, are good students because like what was stated, our school can only transform when we are able to form professionals applying the four core values.

I am proud that I am a part of the Louisian community because Saint Louis University is a wonderful school. I studied at Saint Louis University-Laboratory Elementary School (SLU-LES) during elementary, in SLU-LHS at present, and I’ll still be studying at SLU when I reach college. I have been a loyal student of SLU and through the years, I saw how our institution transformed into a better one. One of the new projects of SLU is the school at Maryheights Campus, Bakakeng. It houses the students of School of Accountancy and Business Management (SABM).

SLU Centennial has been long-awaited by us since 2009. We have been preparing for this since last year and I’m very excited for the upcoming events and activities in our school. The SLU Centennial celebration will start this December 2010 and it will last up to December 2011.

I am very proud to be a Louisian because SLU continues to offer me a great education. On SLU’s 100th year, I hope it will continue its mission to transform and educate young students like me and still give them the best education. I’ll be studying at SLU until college and when I graduate, I’m sure that I’ll be very proud that I have been a Louisian and that I have studied in Saint Louis University.