You’ll Get Back Up When You Fall Down

So, we went bowling today. The two games we played gave hope to me. During the first round, I scored the lowest and I didn’t hit any pins most of the time. But during the second round, I scored the highest and I was even able to hit all the pins! 🙂 I just realized something. Relating it to my grades in my Analytic Chemistry, it gave me hope that I’ll get a high grade this Midterms. I know that I’ll have a low grade this Prelims and I’m having a bad feeling that I might not pass that subject. I’m just afraid. I can’t study well. But what happened today really gave me hope, that I can make it. I know I will. I just have to believe in myself, right? I’m also having this thought that maybe it’s just all in my mind. Ever since second sem started, I’ve been so afraid in that subject. I’m always so paranoid that I might get low scores. I got low scores, indeed. I have to tell myself that I can and I will make it. Wish me luck this coming Midterms!


A Truly Amazing HTML CSS Journey!

The International Cyberfair Competition is one of my best experiences during my third year in Saint Louis University – Laboratory High School. We were tasked to research about our own categories, make a website about our findings, and publish it on the Web. The competition is divided into eight categories which are Local Leaders, Community Groups and Special Populations, Local Business, Local Specialties, Local Attractions,  Historical Landmarks, Environmental Awareness, and Local Music and Art. This year, two of the third year sections were combined together, one of which is our class and that of the Science section. The Science and the Regular sections were both divided into eight groups, representing each category in the Cyberfair Competition. There were about six to seven members in the Regular section and two to three members in the Science section. This competition was introduced to us last year, during the month of October or November. Sir Vincent Tabor, our mentor, asked us if we are willing to join in the said competition. He said that this competition is really difficult and it would really require our time and effort to accomplish this project. It won’t be just an ordinary project since it is an international competition and it would take us a month or two to finish this project. Those in favor of joining were asked to raise their hands. I, myself, didn’t know if I will raise my hand or not. I felt worried because I don’t like being stressed because of too much school work and I’m scared that maybe we won’t be able to finish it on time. We weren’t able to decide at the end of the period so Sir gave us a day to think about it. I was really thinking twice whether I’ll join or not but when I saw that most of my classmates were willing to join, I felt this rush of excitement within me. Yes, I was worried but I just said to myself, “Game on! I can do this!”

We started making this project last January. Most of the time, especially during weekends, we’ll do our project at Aaron’s house.  My group mates from the Science section or 3-Sci (3-Mapagpakumbaba) were John Aaron Go and Marc Daniel Tuazon. Charlyn Garcia, Nicolle Rei Noefe, John Paul Salvatera, Xavier Daryl Martinez and Kenneth Flores were my group mates from my class, 3-A (3-Mapagmalasakit).  I really had fun in making this project because we were asked to choose our own group mates and some of them are my best friends and close friends. For me, choosing your own group mates during project makings are better because we can agree with most of the things and we can schedule our appointments easier.  Every time we have a free time, we’ll meet with our Science counterparts to do our project.

The Cyberfair Competition gave us a chance to showcase our talents to the world. With the help of our teacher, Sir Vince Tabor, we were able to accomplish our project. It’s really fun learning new stuffs like HTML, CSS, Flash, and the like. I can say that I really got stressed and some things changed because of this but I don’t mind that.  It’s always up to me to manage my time. What’s important is we succeeded and we enjoyed making it.The competition taught me a lot. I saw the great importance of our time and teamwork through our actions and unity as a group. Because of this competition, the bonding of our group grew stronger. New friendships were formed and we became closer to each other. The website we made can be found at  It was really a wonderful experience because even though we got stressed, we took the challenge, we had fun, and we did it. The reason why we succeeded in making our project was because we were united. We never fail to attend our meetings except when we have other appointments. We were always there to support and help one another. With this year’s theme, “Take Action and Unite,” we showed that we took action and we were truly united through the efforts and teamwork of each group mate. The Cyberfair Competition has become a truly amazing journey for all of us!

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