A Heart For Two

It’s been a long time since I last posted a blog here. Well, it’s a Saturday and I have nothing to do so I checked this out again. My fourth year high school life is going well. I’m starting to love my class. There have been lots of changes too. Well, not much really. I’m still friends with my friends. I’m still in love with the PERSONS I love. No, just kidding. The truth is, I don’t understand my heart anymore. There are two guys I think I’m in love with. One is taken and one is not. One is my best friend and one is my close friend.

The person I liked and loved since the fifth grade is my best friend now. Just thinking of eveything I’ve been through with him makes me smile. For years, God brought me to this situation. I’m really thankful. He’s like my bestest friend at present.

Then here’s my former sixth grade classmate, my close friend whom I call ‘Kapatid’ (sibling.) He’s someone who’s important to me. The second person I fell in love with. I regret some of the memories I had with him. How we started was a perfect question and a wrong answer at a very wrong time. I never knew if that question was serious. I fell in and out of love with him a lot of times and at present, my heart’s feeling so idle.

My best friend’s taken but I still love him. On the other hand, as much as I want to deny this fact, it seems like my close friend is growing apart from me and from us little by little. Since my ‘big brother’, his cousin, started to withdraw from school because soon they’re leaving for Canada, I can’t spend much time with Kapatid anymore. Oh and by the way, they’re leaving too someday. I miss him. I do miss him a lot. We still talk sometimes but the time we spend with him lessens and lessens. I will miss him.

I can’t express how much I love or maybe like ‘M’ when I’m with my best friend. I think he feels jealous? I’m not sure but the situation seems like that. I really don’t know if I still love my close friend but I’m sure of one thing – I will kill me to lose him.

I will kill me to lose the both of them. They have become very close to my heart and I don’t want anyone to leave because for sure, I won’t. I will never ever leave. Once they’re in my heart, they’re there forever.

Anyway, what’s going on now is something I should feel thankful for. After crying and crying, here I am, smiling and loving my life again. Free of worries and I don’t feel hurt anymore. Is it because I don’t love Kapatid anymore? And because I’m spending more time with my best friend? I don’t feel so affected anymore. I’m happier this way.


L’Oreal X-tenso

I’ve been planning to rebond my hair last year. I was supposed to get my hair rebonded last December but my cousin referred me to a salon where she got her hair straightened. Straightened. Not rebonded. Her hair was super straight! 😀 So I tried it too. 🙂 Our hair structure is different so it didn’t work out too well for me. Hihi. XD

So since last last week I think, I’ve been inquiring from my friends about hair rebonding. One of my classmates rebonded her hair again last December too and the result was wonderful so I asked her where she got her hair rebonded. She said it was at Porta. That week, I also researched about hair rebonding on the internet. I have read many threads about Tony and Jacky’s salon which uses L’Oreal X-tenso but is it located in Manila. 😦 So the following week, I inquired in the salon at Porta. Wow! I was so happy when they said that they also use the L’Oreal X-tenso treatment. 😀 I saw that in my research and it was full of positive feedbacks! 🙂 I thought they only use that treatment in Manila. So we said we’ll go back after a week and we did – today. 😀

Not the complete process. Here it is. First, I had a haircut. Second, they washed my hair and blow dried it. After that, they applied L’Oreal X-tenso and wrapped it for minutes. Then they removed the wrap and left it like that. They rinsed my hair and blow dried it again. Afterwards, they ironed my hair at 180 degrees. Next was the cellophane. Then they blow dried it again. And finally, I had a haircut again. Finished! 🙂

I am so happy with the result! 😀 I didn’t regret it. It’s super straight and shiny. 🙂 Although there are some fly aways. My hair is even straighter than what it looks like in the photo. Just look at my hair before. -__- I hate it. Now I love it! 😀 We used L’Oreal X-tenso. 🙂 And then cellophane – black. I don’t want to use red because I’ve tried that before. I love it but I just don’t want to. XD We didn’t encounter any problems but we started really late! We came to the salon at 5:00 pm and we finished at 9:00! O_O I was so so so shy because we could have done it the next day. The mall was already closed and we were the only ones left! Of course the security guard was still there. 🙂 I’m really really happy! 😀 The price is also reasonable. 🙂 Let’s just see what will happen during the following days. Maybe I’ll be posting some pictures after I wash it and after six months and also after a year. 🙂 That’s all. 😀

A Fan’s Experience

I first watched him in the movie Flipped last month. I love those kinds of movies, about teenage first love stories. At first, I was focused on the movie, on the story, not him or any other character. I already knew Madeline Carroll because I’ve already watched her in some movies. “Bryce, hey, he’s cute! His voice is wonderful!” By the time the movie was about to end, I noticed how cute Bryce Loski is! When the cast rolled up in the credits.. Callan McAuliffe! I ran in front of the computer and searched for him in the internet. That’s what I actually do when I see a cool movie and I liked an actor or actress there. 😉 Bryce Loski was a great character and Callan’s really perfect for his role. Hearing his voice and seeing him made my heart flutter. I immediately became a fan, I fell in love but more likely had a total crush on him – with Bryce, and with Callan McAuliffe himself. I repeated the movie for two or three more times. I even videoed the whole movie in my cell phone, holding it in front of the DVD player for an hour and thirty minutes. I know, I’m kinda late because this movie was first showed in the big screen last year and I haven’t watched I am Number Four yet but I will soon.

So, I looked for him in the internet. Searched for pictures, articles, checked if he has a Twitter account, liked his Facebook page and everything! (More like stalking but since it’s a strong word, I’d call it intensive researching.) When I saw his Twitter account and how he replied to his fans, it gave me hope. Hope that I’ll get a reply from him too. 🙂 And it came true. He replied to Louisse’s tweet, where I was mentioned too. Sorry if the screenshot is kinda blurred. He didn’t reply to me directly but I consider myself very lucky for that. I can’t explain the feeling I had that time. It was the greatest feeling in the world, knowing that your idol, your huge idol, replied to a tweet where you were mentioned too! At present, I’m still learning and still finding out some things about him. Of course, as a fan, you’d want to know about the latest news about them. I do know that he loves Hunger Games and a lot more. 😉 Still doing an intensive research on his Twitter and Facebook account.

For a fan, every little thing matters. Especially when it comes to communicating with the stars, our idols. Seeing Callan’s tweets on Twitter, how he replies to his followers, his comment backs on Facebook, I think that’s the reasons why we love him even more. 🙂 That’s the best thing I like about him because we get to know him more. He reaches out to his fans every now and then, every day, replying to questions, tweets and comments. We are already really really lucky being his fans because not all actors and actresses have time to communicate with their fans.

Making this blog gives me hope. Out of his thousand fans, I know he can’t reply to each and everyone of us. I know this isn’t too much but I do wish I can do more.

So Mr. Callan Ryan Claude McAuliffe, continue doing what you do. Keep in touch with us. Keep replying. I wish the best for you and your career. We’ll be all waiting for your upcoming projects and movies! 🙂

Love, Leanne, a fifteen year old girl from the Philippines, your lover, your lifetime fan, your supporter, your intensive researcher, a member of your Ninja Penguins, TeamCallan member, your friend if you consider that too. 🙂

Thank you! 😀

A Truly Amazing HTML CSS Journey!

The International Cyberfair Competition is one of my best experiences during my third year in Saint Louis University – Laboratory High School. We were tasked to research about our own categories, make a website about our findings, and publish it on the Web. The competition is divided into eight categories which are Local Leaders, Community Groups and Special Populations, Local Business, Local Specialties, Local Attractions,  Historical Landmarks, Environmental Awareness, and Local Music and Art. This year, two of the third year sections were combined together, one of which is our class and that of the Science section. The Science and the Regular sections were both divided into eight groups, representing each category in the Cyberfair Competition. There were about six to seven members in the Regular section and two to three members in the Science section. This competition was introduced to us last year, during the month of October or November. Sir Vincent Tabor, our mentor, asked us if we are willing to join in the said competition. He said that this competition is really difficult and it would really require our time and effort to accomplish this project. It won’t be just an ordinary project since it is an international competition and it would take us a month or two to finish this project. Those in favor of joining were asked to raise their hands. I, myself, didn’t know if I will raise my hand or not. I felt worried because I don’t like being stressed because of too much school work and I’m scared that maybe we won’t be able to finish it on time. We weren’t able to decide at the end of the period so Sir gave us a day to think about it. I was really thinking twice whether I’ll join or not but when I saw that most of my classmates were willing to join, I felt this rush of excitement within me. Yes, I was worried but I just said to myself, “Game on! I can do this!”

We started making this project last January. Most of the time, especially during weekends, we’ll do our project at Aaron’s house.  My group mates from the Science section or 3-Sci (3-Mapagpakumbaba) were John Aaron Go and Marc Daniel Tuazon. Charlyn Garcia, Nicolle Rei Noefe, John Paul Salvatera, Xavier Daryl Martinez and Kenneth Flores were my group mates from my class, 3-A (3-Mapagmalasakit).  I really had fun in making this project because we were asked to choose our own group mates and some of them are my best friends and close friends. For me, choosing your own group mates during project makings are better because we can agree with most of the things and we can schedule our appointments easier.  Every time we have a free time, we’ll meet with our Science counterparts to do our project.

The Cyberfair Competition gave us a chance to showcase our talents to the world. With the help of our teacher, Sir Vince Tabor, we were able to accomplish our project. It’s really fun learning new stuffs like HTML, CSS, Flash, and the like. I can say that I really got stressed and some things changed because of this but I don’t mind that.  It’s always up to me to manage my time. What’s important is we succeeded and we enjoyed making it.The competition taught me a lot. I saw the great importance of our time and teamwork through our actions and unity as a group. Because of this competition, the bonding of our group grew stronger. New friendships were formed and we became closer to each other. The website we made can be found at http://triptokafagway.info.  It was really a wonderful experience because even though we got stressed, we took the challenge, we had fun, and we did it. The reason why we succeeded in making our project was because we were united. We never fail to attend our meetings except when we have other appointments. We were always there to support and help one another. With this year’s theme, “Take Action and Unite,” we showed that we took action and we were truly united through the efforts and teamwork of each group mate. The Cyberfair Competition has become a truly amazing journey for all of us!

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Overcoming Our Fears

After reading John C Maxwell’s blog about fear which can be found at johnmaxwellonleadership.com, I really learned and realized a lot. I learned that the greatest fear in the world is fear itself, that it’s important to admit our fears, and we should focus only on today. Each and everyone of us has our own fears and these fears hinder us from achieving our goals and dreams in life.  Before, I wondered why others are afraid of certain things while others are not. Now, I know the answer. It’s because we think that we might get hurt. We are the ones who control ourselves and our emotions. Our fears keep us from trying something new. Because we have the fear of certain things, we try to avoid everything that may lead us to it. When an opportunity comes, there are things and events in our lives that we avoid. In the end, when we fail and things didn’t turn out right, we end up regretting about it because of our fears.

For me, we fear because we think of the negative outcomes that might happen in the future and we believe that it will really happen. If we think positive and look at the brighter side of life, we won’t feel fear at all.  We can never overcome our fears if we keep on fearing about these things. We should believe in ourselves and be courageous so that we can overcome our fears. We should be brave and we should keep on looking forward. Never look back because what happened in the past is already part of our past. By following John Maxwell’s suggestions on his blog about fears, these fears our ours might fade away and we can become successful someday. We just have to believe in ourselves that we can overcome these fears. 🙂

Sweetest Victory

Our class team this year has become very important to me. We already had two games: basketball boys and basketball girls. Ever since this the first game was about to start, I became very serious about this matter. The boys lost in the game with 3-D and it really affected me. I still remember what Nicolle said after the game, “You guys lost in the game but in our hearts, you’re still the winners!” We, girls, said that we’ll just do our best to win during our game and that game will be for the boys.

November 19, 2010 was the day I have been waiting for. That day was our school’s Clean-Up Drive, in preparation for SLU’s Centennial celebration and that day was also allotted for our basketball game versus 3-D.

The night before that, I had a personal problem that almost broke my heart. I was so down that night then my parents even added up to my problems. My mom forgot to get the jerseys shorts and my dad scolded me again about our class team. Tears fell down my face that night. I was really hurt! I love my section too much and I’m serious about this stuff. I got discouraged and I lost hope and energy to play.

The next day, the day of our game, I still not okay. I felt the tears ready to burst out of my eyes but I prevented it to happen. I don’t want my mom to see me crying first thing in the morning.

When I reached school, I was still thinking of my problems. Last night, I decided to talk to one of my classmates because I know he can help me a lot and he might solve my problem. So today, I talked to him and there, my tears bursted out non-stop. I was really hurt but at least, I knew the truth.

While we were playing truth or dare inside the classroom with our adviser, Mica called us. She said it’s nearly our time to play. I really felt nervous!

I came in during the second quarter. Gosh! “This is it!”, I said to myself. I don’t know what to do but I’m really trying hard to position myself where I know I should be.

During the listing of the players, I really don’t want to join because I don’t know how to play but I did it! I was able to shoot! Man! I’m so proud of myself! After that great moment of my life, I heard my classmates shout my name. It really made me smile. Before and during the game, I wasn’t confident enough because we had a training twice but we, girls, weren’t able to train because we were incomplete and another thing is, I don’t know how to play basketball. I was really worried because it might turn out to be a fail but it didn’t!  I can’t get over it every time I think of it.

The final score was 6-10. We didn’t expect that we will win this game. Gosh! I’m really happy because we didn’t let the boys down.  We promised to train hard for our next game and it makes me really excited just to think about it. This was an awesome experience for me being a third year student of SLU-LHS. 🙂


Accepting our Defeat

This year’s Intramurals was made per batch so we have our own class teams instead of having a game of unit vs. unit during our Intramurals day. Until now, our Intramurals isn’t finished yet because we are still having our class teams, playing different sports like Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton with out competitors.

November 17, 2010, 3-A (our section) had a basketball game with 3-D. We asked Sir Tabor to be our coach for the game. Before the game even started, I promised myself that I’ll cheer for them until I lose my voice. During the game, 3-D was always the leading team. Our players and my other classmates were already starting to lose hope but I didn’t. I didn’t stop shouting and cheering for them so that they won’t lose hope. I even held Shaira’s empty bottle of Alo Green Tea to hit it on the bench to make some noise. Our players were so disappointed during the game but we still cheered them up. During the third quarter until the fourth, they were able to catch up a little but the the time wasn’t enough and the game was over. The final score was 48-23. I felt really sad for the boys because they really played hard and they were really determined to win yet we lost. I wasn’t disappointed by our loss but but I nearly cried when I saw their teary-eyed faces but I said to myself that I shouldn’t let them see that I was sad. I was one of the few who gave my full support to them, finished the game and left the school late. Even though we lost during this game, at least we accepted our defeat gracefully.

I was really affected by our loss because last November 16, I arranged our second training together with Nicolle, Jeffrey, Marion and Justin and I got scolded because of this. I was preparing the message I will send to our players and I got scolded because of some reasons. They didn’t allow me to join the training but I insisted because I need to come.

We promised that we, girls, will do our best to win for the boys during our game on November 19, 2010.