You’ll Get Back Up When You Fall Down

So, we went bowling today. The two games we played gave hope to me. During the first round, I scored the lowest and I didn’t hit any pins most of the time. But during the second round, I scored the highest and I was even able to hit all the pins! 🙂 I just realized something. Relating it to my grades in my Analytic Chemistry, it gave me hope that I’ll get a high grade this Midterms. I know that I’ll have a low grade this Prelims and I’m having a bad feeling that I might not pass that subject. I’m just afraid. I can’t study well. But what happened today really gave me hope, that I can make it. I know I will. I just have to believe in myself, right? I’m also having this thought that maybe it’s just all in my mind. Ever since second sem started, I’ve been so afraid in that subject. I’m always so paranoid that I might get low scores. I got low scores, indeed. I have to tell myself that I can and I will make it. Wish me luck this coming Midterms!