Losing Something Is Like Losing Everything

Have you ever lost something that means the world to you? When I shared this problem to one of my friends, she said, “It’s better to lose something than to lose everything.” I believe in this but at times, losing something is just like losing everything.

August 27, 2010 was the day I lost my memory card. After school, my classmate and I went to their house. She opened her laptop and I removed my memory card from my phone. I stood up to try her high heels. I sat down again and my memory card was already gone.

That little thing is so important to me and until now, I still can’t accept the fact that it’s gone. I’m the kind of person who values even the smallest things in the world. Maybe if I’m not like this, I won’t be thinking too much about this and maybe I won’t be writing a blog about this. There are so many precious pictures placed there: my pictures; the pictures of our family, our trip to the province; the pictures of my best friends; and most especially, the pictures of the two people who became close to my heart and the pictures of my second year life.

My second year life is very memorable to me. There were to many happy memories that I won’t ever forget. During this school year, I met new and true friends. I met new classmates. I learned a lot during this school year. There were so many happy events that made our class closer to each other. Even though these pictures are saved in our computer and in my Facebook account, I like to look at them more in my phone. ‘Cause at least, I can look at the pictures before I go to sleep especially when I feel sad and miss them a lot.

I really can’t accept that it’s gone because for me, everything is gone. The only way I can remember the special moments I had with my loved ones is through the pictures I take. I really value every photo because every photo means a lot to me. Every smile, every face, every place, every pose and even the stolen pictures became a part of those sweet and happy memories in my life.

Just like this photo I got from Tumblr: I love photos, because the best thing about it is that it never changes even when the person in it does. Maybe it would feel wonderful when I grow up and someday, I’ll see the old pictures, see how much I’ve grown and how much everything has changed.

Just remembering the times I do nothing but listen to my favorite sad love songs and stare at the pictures makes me really really sad. I wish I can go back to the past and change everything. I wish I can see what’s coming in the future so I can prevent happenings like this because it’s really ruining my life now. Worst thing is, I don’t know how that memory card disappeared.

I know, my blog could have been better if it was about love but I really want to blog about my memory card.

A single happening can change everything. Just like the time I lost my memory card, I felt like I lost everything.


A Girl Living An Extraordinary Life

Hi! Welcome to my page. I’m Leanne. 14 years old, turning a year older on November 30. I’m a junior student of SLU-LHS. I’m the eldest in our family. I have a brother in the first year and a sister in the first grade.  I live with my family, cousins, uncle, and grandparents. I’m a jolly person. I smile and laugh often. I’m also a sentimental person. They say that the people who laugh often usually have the biggest problems in life. Well, I guess I’m one of them. I love simplicity, the simple things, and the simple way of life.

I am a top ten since elementary. I graduated at Saint Louis University-Laboratory Elementary School. At present, I study at Saint Louis University-Laboratory High School. Dung the first year, I was in the Science section but I was not able to make it during second year because of Algebra.

During the first grading this year, I’m the third in our class and I was able to make it in the honors. I’m really doing my best this time because last year, I let my parents down. I need to make it up to them and I’m glad that my grades improved. I’m hoping that I can maintain my grades until this school year is finished. One more year to go and I’ll graduate high school. I’m still choosing what course I will take. I’m still deciding whether I’ll take Nursing or Medicine.

I love to play Badminton and I consider this as my favorite sport. I joined the Badminton Club during the first year but I stopped playing because I don’t attend other trainings. Now that our intramurals is per batch, we have a class team and I decided to play badminton. They also asked me to play basketball. I joined anyway even though I don’t know how to play.

I would also like to play an instrument.  My best friends are members of the Junior Band but this is not the main reason why I’d like to join. I want to join because of my willingness to learn. Since I was in second year, I’d like to join the Junior Band. I was losing hope that time because I thought maybe it was too late so I just forgot about it and another thing is, my mother noticed that I always change my mind when making important decisions. Maybe because at times, I feel like I won’t be welcomed if I join. I promised myself that I won’t change my mind this time because this it what I want to do. This second grading, two of my classmates joined the Junior Band. I really regret that last year, we didn’t make any actions about this. Our only problem is that we don’t know where we can but a cheaper but authentic instrument. I shouldn’t give up if I really want to learn. Until now, I’m still hoping that we can find a flute as soon as possible. Soon, I’ll blog about this topic more.

Here’s another thing about me. I’m addicted to chocolates! I don’t remember when this started but all I know is that I love it very much. Every time my mom’s friends give her chocolates, she gives it to me because she knows that I really love it. When we receive imported chocolates, I even take pictures of it. I also collect the wrappers and cases. I know these can make me fat but I eat moderately because I don’t want to be fat just because of chocolates.

The words special, memories, moments, life and everything really matter to me.  I love to capture the small but so special moments with my loved ones. I think that everyday is special. I cherish and love every moment of my life. I don’t forget the memories easily and I believe that I can save these special moments through the pictures I take. It’s like I own our camera because I’m the one who is using it often. I always bring it with me even if there are only small occasions or events at school like our Talent Fest and Jingle Competition. So if you’ll take a look at my Facebook account, you’ll see lots of pictures of my friends, my classmates and the school.

I love God, my family, my friends, and my life. Life is full of surprises. No one knows what the future holds for us. We should expect the unexpected. Change for the better. Love more. Laugh often. Live life to the fullest. And cherish every moment of everyday.

That’s all.  Thanks a bunch! 🙂